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Professional Options Trading...
Win With Consistently Profitable Options Trades On Indexes, Stocks, ETFs, and Futures For Monthly Income...

While most retail options traders lose money, see how top hedge fund managers identify and leverage options trading for growing substantial wealth.

You will know:

  • The institutional trader's secret to "always be profiting."

  • How to harvest 20%, 30%, even up to 62.5% returns per month (or more) for consistent income.

  • How to profit whether the market goes up, down, or trades sideways in a range.

  • How to buy stocks cheaper than anyone else and see leveraged gains up to 20 times your investment (and even more) in as little as 10 minutes per day.

As you continue to develop your options trading skills, you will find more ways to better understand market conditions and increase profits in your portfolio (or for clients).

  • 3 introduction to options trading video lessons for beginners, novices, and review.

  • 13 comprehensive fast-paced modules using real life scenarios.

  • Knowledge and strategies that you can profit from using most major online brokers like TD Ameritrade, thinkorswim, or IB.

  • Designed by professional trading coaches.


The Professional Options
Trading Course Tutorials

For beginner, intermediate,
and advanced traders of
derivative financial instruments.

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For beginner, intermediate,
and advanced traders of
options and derivatives.


This options trading course also includes...

Along with a training that you can learn with at your own pace, you will also receive:

1. Technical analysis techniques.

2. Risk management strategies.

3. Introduction to ratio trading.

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Can I view this options trading course without platform software installed on my computer?

Yes. You can view these options and derivatives trading sessions as many times as you want whether or not you have a funded brokerage account or platform software installed.

Platforms like thinkorswim by td Ameritrade offer advanced paper trading modules that allow you to practice and master statistically favorable options trading strategies with zero risk capital.

Is it easy to install your training courses?

Yes. Simply insert the CD into your computer and the training menu will launch automatically.

Do you offer a money back guarantee on this options trading course?

Yes. Just take advantage of your instant rebate savings now. Simply reserve your course right now so you can receive your training.

If you aren't delighted, return your unopened merchandise to us within 30 days from the shipping date for a full refund (minus shipping and handling).

Your Course For Professional Options Traders Will Explain...

Video Lesson #1 -

Welcome to your options trading course.

Class overview and what you can expect to achieve with the skills you are developing today.

Discussion of the trading platform used for instruction (TOS).

Anecdotes and memorable profit case studies.

Video Lesson #2 -

Introduction to options trading.

Position selection strategy basics: Call options and Put options.

How to limit liability, manage risk, and preserve capital while growing equity with leveraged returns.

Video Lesson #3 -

Introducing options greeks.

How options change in price and what values are vital to profitability for most strategies.

The impact of time value on options pricing.

Historical basis.

The importance of intrinsic and extrinsic value.

A look at Delta.

Video Lesson #4 -

Specific options price behavior case studies.

A deeper look at Vega.

About volatility, its affect on options pricing, and your portfolio.

Approaches for buying "in the money" calls.

Charting indexes with ETFs like QQQ.

Video Lesson #5 -

Discussion on at-the-money options contracts.

Managing risk constraints and setting a stop loss.

Strategic focus on positioning with at-the-money puts.

Comparing options strikes across contract series.

Video Lesson #6 -

Understanding market price action with technical analysis.

How to accurately forecast the future of a market with charts.

Using price action vs. other market studies to determine sentiment.

Video Lesson #7 -

Deeper into technical analysis.

Understanding the breadcrumb trail and approaches for bringing together pieces of the puzzle.

Investigating important clues to what future price action might bring.

Looking at SPY in low and high volatility environments.

Investigating daily and weekly charts for maximumized results.

Video Lesson #8 -

Advanced approaches for gauging low vs. high volatility to capture premium.

Setups and case studies for further analysis.

Taking signals from charts to enter and exit positions.

Video Lesson #9 -

Specific strategies for high and low volatility environments.

Important information about trading frequently.

Adjusting your trading strategy as market conditions evolve.

Video Lesson #10 -

Advanced review of options greeks.

How price relates to volatility.

A stategy for high volatility trading cycles.

Looking at Gamma.

Video Lesson #11 -

Implementing real life daily trading strategies.

Video Lesson #12 -

Setting stops or alerts.

Put analysis.

Advanced risk premium.

How you can profit when a company becomes an acquisition target.

Behavior of long positions when volatility is high.

Video Lesson #13 -

How to participate in a long position when volatility is low.

Picking the low hanging fruit by making "easy trades."

Determining when (and how) to enter and exit.

Video Lesson #14 -

Little known techniques used by the top 1% of traders.

Introduction to ratio trading.

Video Lesson #15 -

Important information about ratios.

A closer look at ratio trading.

Video Lesson #16 -

Ratio trading wrap up.

Ideas on trading for long term safety and profitablity.

Final summary and conclusion.

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