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Training For Microsoft Access Made Simple...

See How To Use Microsoft Access With These Video Training Lessons.

Would you like an easy way to create databases faster with Microsoft Access?

Training for beginner, intermediate, and even advanced users of Microsoft Access.

Learn everything that could be covered in a two day MS Access training course but in the comfort of your office or home.

With this Microsoft Access class, the most complete Access learning system available, you will discover how to leverage MS Access to be more organized and productive.

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  • 6 full hours of comprehensive Microsoft Access course material.

  • 9 CPE Credits. Two days worth of study.

  • 110 Complete Access video tutorials designed by professional software trainers.

  • Practice Exams.

  • Final exam submission.

  • Certificate of Completion.

The Microsoft

Access Training

Course Tutorials

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For beginner, intermediate,
and advanced users of
Microsoft Access software.

Microsoft Access Training Course

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Getting Acquainted with Access

  1. Creating a New Database
  2. Overview of a Database
  3. The Access Interface
  4. Touch Mode
  5. Viewing Database Objects in the Navigation Bar
  6. Opening and Closing Databases

Creating Relational Database Tables

  1. The "Flat File" Method of Data Storage
  2. The Relational Model of Data Storage
  3. Tips for Creating a Relational Database
  4. Creating Relational Database Tables
  5. Assigning a Primary Key to a Table

Using Tables

  1. Using Datasheet View
  2. Navigating in Datasheet View
  3. Adding Records in Database View
  4. Editing and Deleting Records in Datasheet View
  5. Inserting New Fields
  6. Renaming Fields
  7. Deleting Fields

Field Properties

  1. Setting Field Properties
  2. The "Field Size" Property
  3. The "Format" Property for Date/Time Fields
  4. The "Format" Property for Logical Fields
  5. Setting Default Values for Fields
  6. Setting Input Masks
  7. Setting Up Validation Rules and Responses
  8. Requiring Field Input
  9. Allowing Zero Length Entries

Joining Tables in a Database

  1. The Relationships Window
  2. Enforcing Referential Integrity
  3. Creating Lookup Fields

Indexing Tables

  1. Indexes
  2. Creating Indexes
  3. Deleting Indexes


  1. Using the Simple Query Wizard
  2. Designing Queries
  3. Joining Tables in a Query
  4. Adding Criteria to the QBE Grid
  5. Running A Query
  6. How is Using the QBE Grid Writing SQL Code?
  7. Sorting Query Results
  8. Hiding Fields in a Query
  9. Using Comparison Operators
  10. Using "AND" and "OR" Conditions

Advanced Queries

  1. Using the "BETWEEN AND" Condition
  2. Using Wildcard Characters in Criteria
  3. Creating a Calculated Field
  4. Creating "Top Value" Queries
  5. Function Queries
  6. Parameter Queries

Advanced Query Types

  1. Table Queries
  2. Update Queries
  3. Append Queries
  4. Delete Queries
  5. Crosstab Queries
  6. The "Find Duplicates" Query
  7. The "Find Unmatched" Query

Creating Forms

  1. Forms Overview
  2. The Form Wizard
  3. Creating AutoForms
  4. Using Forms
  5. Form and Report Layout View
  6. Form and Report Design View
  7. Viewing the Ruler and Gridlines
  8. The "Snap to Grid" Feature
  9. Creating a Form in Design View

Form & Report Controls

  1. Selecting Controls
  2. Deleting Controls
  3. Moving and Resizing Controls
  4. Sizing Controls "To Fit"
  5. "Nudging" Controls
  6. Aligning, Spacing and Sizing Controls
  7. Formatting Controls
  8. Viewing Control Properties

Using Controls

  1. The Controls Group
  2. Adding Label Controls
  3. Adding Logos and Image Controls
  4. Adding Line and Rectangle Controls
  5. Adding Combo Box Controls
  6. Adding List Box Controls
  7. Setting Tab Order


  1. Creating Subforms
  2. Using the Subform/Subreport Control


  1. Using the Report Wizard
  2. Using Basic Reports
  3. Creating a Report in Design View
  4. Sorting and Grouping Data in Reports
  5. Creating Calculated Fields


  1. Creating Subreports

Charting Data

  1. Using Charts

Macros in Access

  1. Creating and Using Macros
  2. Macro Actions
  3. Assigning Macros to a Command Button
  4. Conditional Macros and Option Groups
  5. Using Group Names in Macros
  6. Creating Autoexec Macros

Macros in Access

  1. Creating a Standalone Macro
  2. Assigning Macros to a Command Button
  3. Using Program Flow with Macros
  4. Creating Autoexec Macros
  5. Creating Data Macros

Switchboard and Navigation Forms

  1. Creating a Switchboard Form
  2. Creating a Navigation Form
  3. Controlling Startup Behavior

Advanced Features

  1. Getting External Data
  2. Exporting Data
  3. Setting a Database Password
  4. Using Help

How to receive your 9 hours of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits* with this Microsoft Access training program...

Complete this Microsoft Access tutorial at work or home and on your own schedule.

  1. Submit your exam within a full year of your date of purchase.

  2. Pass the exam with a score of 70% or above.

  3. Then be awarded your Certificate of Completion.

Can I view this Microsoft Access course without the Access software installed on my computer?

Yes. You can view the Microsoft Access training sessions as many times as you want whether or not you have Access installed.

Is it easy to install your software courses?

Yes. Simply insert the CD into your computer and the MS Access instruction menu will launch automatically.

Do you offer a money back guarantee on this training for Microsoft Access?

Yes. Just take advantage of your instant rebate savings now. Simply reserve your course for Microsoft Access right now so you can receive your training.

If you aren't delighted, return your unopened merchandise to us within 30 days from the shipping date for a full refund (minus shipping and handling).

Is it easy to install your training courses?

Yes. Simply insert the CD into your computer and the MS Access instruction menu will launch automatically.

Where can I purchase the Microsoft Access software that goes with this training?

Click here to order the most recent version of Microsoft Access DBMS (Database Management System).

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Training courses and classes for Microsoft Access: Helping you succeed...

With this popular training for Microsoft Access, you can know how to organize your personal or business data and retrieve results in minimal time. You will see how Access is a powerful tool that will help you stay on top of your personal and business information.

Databases provide an efficient way to store data and make it more easily accessible. Successful Microsoft Access users often devote themselves to learning advanced ways of approaching the information they encounter and this training course will show you how.

This course for Microsoft Access will allow you to utilize basic to more advanced features of your MS Access software. You will be able to complete your data related tasks quickly with the help of your software tools.

By far, Access has grown to be the most popular desktop database system and many professionals prefer to design their database with it because of its versatility.

Get started now. Secure your training for Microsoft Access today.

The Microsoft Access
Training Course Tutorials

Only $399.99 + s&h

Instant Rebate Savings: $150.99

Just $249.00  + s&h

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For beginner, intermediate,
and advanced users of
Microsoft Access software.

Microsoft Access Training Course

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